Delayed Post

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow - sorry for being MIA so long. I had every intention of posting the day after my last post, but I have been so caught up in reading that I just wasn't even sure where to start. My next post was going to be a follow up of sorts to the post on faith, but, as I previously mentioned, I got so caught up in my reading that I just wasn't sure how to articulate my writing on the subject. I have been doing a great deal of thinking/reading/reflection in the last few weeks, and I will post on this later - as it is very involving.

As far as life in general goes - things have been great. This past weekend Emily and I spent time on the White River about 30 miles outside of Meeker, CO with her family. We had a fantastic time! We did everything: lounge around, hammock time, fishing, cooking out, reading, talking, laughing... all in all an amazing weekend away from the city. I always enjoy spending time with Emily and her family - and I think they are growing more used to how I am as an individual. Those of you that already know me pretty well know what I am: an independent individual that spends much time reading, reflecting, writing, and thinking about life in general. It is never unusual for me to separate from the group and sit by myself with a book in hand - some people take offense to this, but the intention is far from that.  Don't get me wrong, I love sitting around and talking with others, but sometimes I need to be alone to just think and dwell on the various topics in my head.  There is much to be gained in life via interacting with others - but there is also much to be gained by taking the time to analyze and reason on the various aspects of life that impact us and make us who we are - alone.

I'm certainly not going to tell someone how to live their life, what they should believe, what they should do with their time, or what kinds of things they should be interested in; but, I certainly want to stress to all those who are willing to listen, just how important solo time is to the health and growth of the individual.  It is not only a matter of figuring out who one is - but figuring out why one is, and the reasons for such.

Live. Think. Learn.