Ramblings: A Scattered Mind

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am always amazed with the vastness of the human mind, its ability to process several different thoughts at such an amazing speed is pretty impessive. Often times, when I am attempting to write on a subject, I find that my mind is already pages, if not chapters, ahead of the pen on paper. This can obviously be frustrating when attempting to gather thoughts to transpire to words and still maintain the thought process itself. Much like my previous post covered, this condition is a lot like writer's block except that having material is not the issue - the challenge is to keep up with the mind.

In an effort to aid myself, I have begun keeping a small journal with me. Actually, I have several, but this new one has a purpose. I am going to use it to start trying to write about who I am, what my thoughts are, what I believe, and things that I question in this world. Though there is an overall "order" to these thoughts, I am certain that the writings will be generally scattered because of how my mind constantly jumps around - oh well. What's funny is that I have always entertained the idea of writing a book, or two, or ten. I've had this idea ever since sitting in class in college... maybe this is the first step towards the realization of said thought... or merely a simple way to spend my time.

Regardless of what this journal will turn out to become - I will make sure that I take excerpts from my writings and post them here.


Not Lazy... but...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Writer's Block... I hate it - dumbest thing ever. There, I said it. It absolutely drives me crazy at times, and it's really hard to describe if you haven't actually been "in that moment" so to speak. It's the strangest thing, honestly. I can be overflowing with topics of discussion in my head and not be able to communicate it to the page in front of me - it's the ultimate level of aggravation. There is no cure, but simply time... as far as I know. A large reason that this is such a hurdle for me at times is due to the fact that I don't tend to view writing in a draft format. To me, I want to be able to say exactly what I think and not need to adjust the wording at a later point in time. As a result of this desire, I tend to hesitate writing until I am confident in what I am trying to say. Thus, I haven't had much to post about as of late. Well, I have had plenty to post about, I just haven't been able to write it down.


Pre-Fourth Thoughts

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not much to really talk about at the moment - busy week but the weekend is here!  Had a half day on thursday and drove up to the ranch that night.  Today was spent getting ready for the 4th - that involved cooking sweets, prepping the bar, and getting decorations strung up in the most patriotic way possible.  The late evening was spent playing games and laughing...can't beat that.

America F*ck Yeah!

Though we all get caught up in our family time, drinks, good food, games, and just general laziness - let us not forget those that make days like tomorrow, and each and everyday, possible.  I currently have friends in Iraq and Afghanistan - taking it to the enemy and trying to stay safe.  Though I wish I could do my part and be with them, I am not.  I will certainly never forget their service - nor that of their families.  My friends that are currently serving are full of selfless desire, and their actions speak louder than the words I can write; however, so to are their families that they have left behind - selfless is an understatement for them all.

To those of you reading this:  take the time between meals, games, drinks, and laughter - pick up your phone and call someone you know that is serving (or their family) or someone that has served and tell them exactly what it means to you.  I know I will.

Thurman Jones and family, Justin Adkison and family, Adam Martin (Jessica, baby Martin, and family), to the guys I met at OCS, Jonathon Case and family... to all of you...

THANKS.  Words will never be enough to describe what you do.  Nothing will ever be enough to repay you.  America would not ever be the same without you.

Thank you.

A small side note:  Tomorrow is the start of the 96th Tour de France - I can't wait!  I wait all year long with anticipation of this great historical race, and now, it is here.  I will write more on this tomorrow.  Time to head to bed so I can wake up and watch with glued eyes.