15 Weeks: A Post Op Progression

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It has been far too long since I last updated--apologies.  Life has been fairly busy, as has the recovery from my surgery back in December.  It is, in all honesty, hard to believe that this week marks fifteen weeks of post-op recovery.  Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that I was stuck in bed, leg strapped in a machine, anxiously waiting to be able to walk again--and to do so without crutches.

Physical Therapy is tough work, as it should be.  It's nearly impossible to push myself as hard when I'm doing PT workouts on my own.  There is something specially motivating with having someone stand by and challenge me through my workouts.  There is nothing more satisfying than pushing myself to the point that my body says it's time to give up, and then pushing on a little further just to show myself I can.  Victory.

I enjoy PT days.

I have progressed well, considering everything that I went through with surgery.  My surgeon is extremely pleased with my progress, and feels encouraged by my overall recovery.  Sure, I have had a few setbacks along the way.  However, nothing has prevented me from maintaining my forward progress.  The pain comes and goes.  The soreness lingers.  But, progress is always progress--no matter how slow it may be.

My entire team that has been working with me through this surgery and recovery has been more than perfect.  If I had to start this process over again, I would do so with the exact same team.  I feel as though we have all learned from one another during these 15 weeks.  I know they have taught me a great deal about myself--I can only hope I have done the same for them.

Feel to live.